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  • Buy Dried Fruit Online UK

    A dried fruit is a fruit in which all water content is removed with the help of drying methods. During drying process, the fruit shrinks down and leaves behind small and energy-dried fruit. Raisins, Dry Apricots Dates, Yellow and Green Sultana are some of the classic examples of the dried fruits. They are also termed as superfood. So, if you are willing to buy dried fruit online from UK based store, order via A Kilo of Spices, an online convenience store.

    Dried Fruits as Superfood Items

    It is clear that if any food is superfood it contains nutritional value higher than other food items. Therefore, not all food items categorized as a superfood. Taking small portion of superfood on a regular basis is enough to provide required nutrients, minerals, vitamins and proteins to the body.  Dried fruits are superfood items because they provide a number of health benefits to a person when eaten in moderation. Some dried fruits are high on antioxidant and others are rich in dietary fibres and Omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it is a wise idea to add handful of maximum number of dried fruit items like Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, Sultana, Dry apricot, etc., in your daily diet.

    Best Dried Fruits for Regular Consumption

    The health experts always emphasize upon the fact that a person should include these superfood in his daily diet. Although, all dry fruits are power packed with nutrition, some of the most nutritious ones are:

    • Dates – Incredibly sweet, dates are one of the richest sources of antioxidants. They are high on iron, potassium and fibre. The low glycaemic level helps in moderating blood sugar level as well.
    • Dry Apricots- Also known as Armenian plus, dry apricots are round and yellow in colour. They are extremely nutritious and contain carbohydrates, protein, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, potassium, fat, etc.  It is an antioxidant rich dry fruit which a person can consume 2 in quantity on a regular basis.
    • Almonds – Almonds are rich source of potassium, vitamin E and magnesium. Even minerals like manganese and copper are present in almonds and make them as a superfood and super snack item in fasts. Taking 3-4 almonds on a regular basis provides immense benefits to the body.
    • Sultana – Also known as golden raisins, Sultanas are golden-coloured dried grapes. They are made from seedless varieties of white-fleshed grapes. As compared to raisins, they are slightly sweeter and smaller in shape. They are rich source of iron, minerals and antioxidants. Interested people can buy yellow and green Sultana from our UK based convenience online store.

    Similarly, other dried fruits like cashews, raisins, walnuts are rich source of minerals, vitamins, proteins and dietary fibre.

    Ways to Include Dried Fruits in Daily Diet

    It happens that unique taste of different dried fruits compels a person to consume them in larger quantity than desired. Because they are superfood and excess of everything is bad, thus make sure to eat different varieties of dried fruit in moderation only. Use these superfood items in following manner:

    • Substitute them for high-calorie snacks.
    • Add a handful of dried fruits in puddings, cakes and granola.
    • Use them for garnishing in various Indian desserts and cuisines.
    •  Use them in Salads, Stews and Porridge
    • In many milk shakes, smoothies and liquid foods, dried fruit are used for enhancing the taste and increasing overall nutritional value of a drink.

    Best Time to Eat Dried Fruits

    Though, there is no perfect time for eating dried fruits, it is advisable to eat them either early in the mornings to get maximum benefits. For boosting the energy level, one can include them as a pre-lunch snack item or even evening snack item that keeps stomach filled for a longer time and even keeps energy level high.

    Buy Premium Quality of Dried Fruit Online in UK

    A Kilo of Spices offer different varieties of raw and dried fruits to its worldwide customers. The customers will get following advantages by making purchase from our leading online convenience store:

    • We have been in the market from the last 4 decades and supplying premium quality of dried fruit items.
    • We offer all items at attractive price range and with a special discount when purchases are made in bulk.
    • We keep different packing of every food item so that customers can choose the packing as per their requirements.
    • We offer fast doorstep delivery to customers.

    So, place your order today!

  • Buy Wholesale Dried Leaves Online

    Food experts believe that it is easy to transform a simple looking dish into a flavourful and an extraordinary meal simply by using a handful of ingredients. Additionally, such ingredients increase the nutritional value of the food also. And one of the most convenient ways to do it is by buying wholesale dried leaves online and using it different dishes in a limited quantity. Whether you are looking for an authentic taste in curries or preparing dips and sauces, the dried versions of certain leaves are enough to add distinctive flavours and make any dish lip smacking. So, do not make a delay in stocking up your kitchen cupboard with the exotic collection of dried leaves; simply place your order to Akospices and get it delivered fast at your doorstep.

    Some of the common dried leaves easy to buy online from UK based convenience store are:

    Dried Mint Leaves: The fresh mint is not easily available, thus even chefs and food experts maintain a stock of dried mint leaves. Easily available in all grocery stores, the aroma of dried mint leaves can overpower any dish. Thus, use it in a small wisely over roasted lamb, marinades, casseroles and stews. Food enthusiasts can use the leaves for preparing split pea soup or mint sauce.

    Dried Coriander Leaves: Coriander is one of the most common spices used in every dish and host of cuisines ranging from Brazilian, Asian, Mexican, Indian to European. Some food lovers prefer buying dried coriander leaves and add it in a number of savoury dishes for getting warm, nutty and citrusy flavour. As per your preference, you can either buy whole coriander seeds or buy dried coriander leaves online in the UK and add it in dish as per your taste.

    Raspberry dried leaves: Check out the best collection of raspberry dried leaves at Akospices. We handpick the best and unique dried raspberry dried leaves from reputed sources and sell them in various quantities like 25 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and so on to the end customers. We are even competent to fulfil the bulk order, thus buy dried raspberry leaves at wholesale prices.

    Methi leaves, Chamomile dried leaves, peppermint, etc., are few other dried leaves that are equally flavourful to use in various dishes in a limited quantity.

    Storage Tips of Dried Leaves

    In order to keep these spices flavourful for a long time, safe storage is important. So, keep these factors in the mind while storing different kinds of dried leaves:

    1. Heat and light affect the aroma of dried leaves. So, never keep any pack of dried leaves near the stock.
    2. A plastic box is a perfect container to keep the dried leaves in a good condition for years. You can even use jars with flip lids for storing these leaves.
    3. Leave use wet spoon to take the dried leaves. If possible, avoid touching them as much as possible and use such a jar that has an option to sprinkle.
    4. For household use, buy wholesale dried leaves online in small quantity and replace the order when the existing stock gets finished.


    So, what are you waiting for? Check our collection and place the order today. We give assurance of supplying the dried leaves of the best quantity and at the most competitive rates in the market. 


  •      Buy Flour Online UK 

    A well-stocked kitchen gives you a lot of freedom to prepare any meal or extra at any time of the day. Just imagine you have stocked your cooking place with spices, pulses and dried fruits but if there is no flour, you cannot enjoy a wholesome diet. And it is hard to imagine lunch or dinner without rotis. Right? So, keep your kitchen a perfect place to cook anything at any time by buying flours online from our UK based store. We, at A Kilo Of Spices, have been offering different kinds of flours to customers to fit their needs and lifestyle. As per their taste, they can buy any kind of flour in any quantity. Whatever quantity and the kind of flour they choose, we ensure to deliver them high quality products at competitive rates ever.

    Different Kinds of Flours

    Our collection of flours in extensive range makes our online grocery store a preferred choice among UK residents. Some of the flour items in which we exclusively deal are:

    1. Almond Flour: If you are looking for a better and healthier alternative to wheat flour, switch to almond flour. This is one of the gluten-free flours that offers multiple options for preparing baked dishes. Healthy and tasty, you can buy almond flour in various quantities from our online platform.
    2. Besen or Chickpea Gram Flour: Prepare lip-smacking snack items like pakodas and cutlets with besen and relish their taste with masala tea. Easy to digest, one can even add this flour in various curries to thicken their flavour.
    3. Rice Flour: We deal with the highest quality of gluten-free food made from finely milled rice. Extensively used for making South Indian appams and rice noodles, you can add the flour for thickening soups and stews. Highly nutritious, you can even add rice flour or powder to your beauty regimen for getting glowing skin.
    4. Sorghum or Juwar Flour: Made from grinding the small white millets, juwar flour is highly nutritious and often used with other flours for preparing rotis and porridge. This flour needs to add in a small quantity with other flour items.
    5. Water Chestnut Flour: Made from groundwater chestnuts, water chestnut flour is extremely white in colour and often used as a thickening agent for making batters during Asian cooking.

    Even if you want to purchase mogo flour or yellow semolina flour, no need to look further than our online platform. As per your requirements, you can buy these flours in various quantities starting from 100 grams to 10 KGs from our online grocery portal.

    Quick Home Delivery & Multiple Payment Options       

    We feel proud to share that A Kilo Of Spices is one of the best retail destinations for buying flour online in the UK along with other grocery items. We ensure to deliver any kind of flour at the specified address in the fastest possible manner. While shipping, we use to pack grocery items adequately so that they remain damage-free during transit. In case customers receive goods in a damaged condition, they can return them and place a new order.

    We give complete freedom to customers so that they can make payments by choosing their favourite payment options out of many. We accept payments by both credit and debit card and even accept cash on delivery. Customers will get an attractive discount if they purchase other products such as spices, dry fruits and nuts, dal and grains from our esteemed shopping portal. So, buy flour online in the UK from this reputed online food store and gain a world-class shopping experience.

    Why US?

    In the UK, you can easily purchase groceries and flours from various online stores, but the quality and doorstep delivery are two areas in which we gain a competitive advantage. We have customer-friendly policies, therefore they can place a request for return or exchange at any moment. Some other advantages of buying groceries from our leading online store are as follows:

    1. We act as a turnkey solution provider when it comes to spices, baking items, flour and grains, dried fruits, etc.
    2. Our rates are the most competent in the marketplace.
    3. We offer fast doorstep delivery.
    4. We deal in organic food varieties.


    So, place your order today by choosing the type of flour along with its quantity and start making some tasty snack and dinner items. 

  • Buy Ground Mix Spice Online

    The spices play an incredibly important role in sprucing up the taste of both Indian and International cuisines. Some spices are known for their medicinal properties whereas food experts admire some for their unmatchable culinary taste. However, few spices rated under the category of healthiest spices as they are rich in both culinary taste and medicinal properties. Sumac and Asafoetida Hing powder are two such spices. Fortunately, homemakers as well as food experts can buy ground mixed spice online from our store at the most affordable rates.

    Sumac and Asafoetida: A sure Shot Recipe of Healthy and Tasty Food

    The Sumac bush grounded into dried and coarse powder which is rich in purple color and has tart flavour. Primarily used in Middle Eastern cooking, sprinkling small amount of the powder adds beautiful color to the dish along with tangy lemon flavour.

    An indispensable part of every Indian curry and dal, Asafoetida or hing has distinct aroma and flavour which transforms any ordinary dish into delectable one. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties which makes it one of the healthiest spices of the Indian kitchen. If you are looking for premium quality of ground mix spices, no online store can fulfill your need like A Kilo of Spices.

    Why to Buy Ground Mix Spice Online in UK from A Kilo of Spices?

    Though several online convenience stores are selling ground mix spices, but we remain unbeatable on the quality grounds. We have been selling spices to national and international market for the last 4 decades successfully. Considering the various demands of individuals and hotel industry, we have been selling the ground mix spices like Sumac and Asafoetida or Hing powder in various packing (100 gram, 200 gram, 500 gram, 1 KG and 2 KG). Lastly, we boast of selling premium quality of spices at the unbeatable price range in the online marketplace.

    So, give us a chance to offer you healthy food choices. Make a purchase of different kinds of ground mix spice as per your requirements and add a touch of uniqueness in every dish.

  • Buy Indian Dals Online

    Buy the finest quality of Indian dals online from Akospices at the best market rates. We are one of the most reputed grocery stores in the UK offering a host of Indian dals and grains like Chickpeas, Dry Split peas, brown chickpeas whole black gram beans whole and many other pulses of various brands and in various packaging. We source Indian pulses from reputed sources and offer fast doorstep delivery to all UK based customers.

    Fast Facts on Indian dals

    • . Dals form a part of the legume family.
    • . Dals include lentils, peas, beans and many other little seeds.
    • . Dals are referred as the split version of the lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, peas and so on. When a pulse splits into two halves, it is known as dal. For instance, split mung bean is commonly known as Mung dal.
    • . The whole dal, the split dal with skin, and the split pulse without skin are three common variants of Indian dals.

    Dals and grains are a rich source of proteins, especially for vegans. Therefore, it is important to include it in the daily meals in the desired quantity. It often becomes mundane to eat the same dals regularly. Even for home chefs, cooking the same dals becomes a non-interesting chore. So, give a healthy twist to your meals by buying Indian dals and grains online from the UK based store, and preparing some lip-smacking curries and desserts.

    Savor the Flavor of Finest Indian Dals and Grains

    When you buy the finest quality of Indian dals and grains from our leading store, no one can stop you from making and relishing Indian traditional recipes. These include dal moth, jeera dal, dal tadka, lahsuniya dal, etc. These are savory dishes, which go well with roti, bread and rice. Do not forget to add a tadka of ginger, garlic, onion and tomato in these curries to make them simply aromatic and lip-smacking.

    Did you know many Indian dals act as the main ingredient for preparing sweet delicacies? Yes, it is true. Try making sweet dishes including Holige, Puran Poli and Bobbattu from the aforementioned dals. For getting the finest taste, buy organic Indian dals and grains online in the UK from our store. Our online store maintains the extensive stock of Indian pulses and grains of several brands and in multiple price ranges.

    Advantages of buying from Akospices

    If you want to indulge in healthy eating, no need to look further than Akospices, a trusted online store for buying Indian dals. Akospices only deals with high-quality dals containing no artificial flavours, no preservatives and no genetic engineering. We offer only healthy product to our end customers and pray for their healthy living. To add a cherry on the pie, customers can place an order for Indian dals, grains and many other grocery items from the comfort of their office or home. Choose the dal, quantity and place an online order. You can be rest assured to receive your order in the stipulated time.

    To get the price advantage, we recommend buying Indian dals in quantity 1 KG or more. Maintain their freshness for a long time by storing them in airtight containers and keeping them away from heat and light. So, browse a wide range of Indian dals and grains online today.


  • Buy Nuts and Seeds Online 

    Nuts are seed kernels having hard and inedible outer shell. For eating the kernels, it is necessary to release it from its hard outer shell. Nuts and seeds are popular food items which are tasty, healthy and convenient to include in all kinds of diets ranging from vegan to keto. Fortunately, anyone can buy wholesale nuts and seeds online in ready to eat form from various reputed online based stores.

    Some of the most common consumed nuts and seeds worldwide are:

    Almonds – Almond is a tree nut power-packed with beneficial nutrients. Eating a small handful of almonds on a daily basis provides carbohydrates, protein, calories, fat, fibre, vitamin E and Magnesium to the body.

    Pistachios – A nut with high fibre content, Pistachios contain fat, proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, etc. Loaded with antioxidants, it is an excellent dry fruit item to include in your low-carb diet.

    Walnuts – Walnut is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid, alphalinolenic acid (ALA) and a very popular nut item. It is a nutrient-dense nut that helps in promoting heart and brain functioning of the body.

    Cashew nuts – Belongs to tree nut family, cashew nuts are one of the most popular dry fruits widely used in raw and roasted form as a healthy snack item. It contains fibre, vitamin E, calcium, iron and many other nutrients.

    Peanuts – Though belonging to legume family, peanuts are considered as powerful nut due to their characteristics resemblance with other tree nuts. Both red and pink peanuts are excellent source of fibre, monounsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, etc.

    Raisins, Hazel Nut, fennel, apricot, etc., are some other nuts and seed items quite popular amongst food lovers.

    Versatile, Delicious and Easily Available

    The nuts and seeds are multi-purpose food item popularly eaten in raw, salted and in roasted form. Interested people can easily buy nuts and seeds online in any form from reputed online UK based convenience stores. Some countries like India extensively used few nuts and seeds like almonds and cashew nuts as a topping on several Indian sweet dishes and milk shakes. On the other hand, cashew nuts are also used in increasing the aromatic taste of several Indian cuisines due to its buttery and rich flavour. Some other popular uses of nuts and seeds are:

    • Enjoy them as a whole or as nut butters
    • Chopped up the nuts and seeds and sprinkle on a variety of food items
    • Because they are energy dense, therefore used in a number of granola bars and cookies
    • Nut like almonds are pureed, mixed with water and strained to remove the solid portion. This makes it ideal for producing non-daily milk substitute products.
    • They act as healthy and vegan alternative to cream sauce and used for seasoning purposes.
    • Get unbeatable flavour by blending nuts and seeds with vinegar and oil and used them as rich and thick salad dressing.
    • The grounded form of nut i.e. nut flours have wide usage in breading, baked goods, thickening stews and soups.

    Moreover, if a person is including these nuts and seeds in his daily diet, incorporate them in a small quantity. It is because they are high on fat content; therefore use them as a substitute for saturated fats, which are normally found in dairy products, eggs and meat.  Another important point to notice is for getting the maximum health benefits of powerful nuts, try to eat them in a raw or toasted form.

    Ideal Way to Store Nuts and Seeds

    The best way to use the nuts and seeds for a long duration is refrigerate them.  Refrigeration helps in preserving their nutritional content and flavour. Try to pack the nuts and seeds in air-tight containers in a cool and dry place, far away from the reach of sunlight. Even freezer bags work wonder for storage purposes.

    Buy Nuts & Seeds Online at Wholesale Prices

    A Kilo of Spices is a reputed UK based online convenience store dealing in a variety of nuts and seeds. Walnuts, cashew nuts, blanched peanuts, almonds, plain pistachio, salted almonds, red and pink peanuts, etc., are few varieties in which we extensively deal. We supply premium quality of nuts and seeds in various packing like 200 gram, 500 gram, 1 KG, etc. So, simply select the option, quantity and place your order for nuts and seeds online.