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Subscribe & Save

Save up to 10% on repeat orders!

Are you regularly running low on spices? Or you run a business that frequently requires repeat orders? If that sounds like you then our new Subscribe and Save feature is what you need to sign up to. Plus the more repeat orders you place, the more you can save!

See list of eligible items here.

Save time and effort by ensuring your favourite products are delivered to your door at the frequency you decide.

No fees. Free delivery. 

Here's how it works --- 

Why choose subscribe and save? 

Running low on spices? With our new subscribe and save option, you can be sure your pantry cupboard will always be stocked up with the essentials.

Easy & Convenient

Whether you run a business or a just a keen cook, our new subscribe and save option saves time and allows you to choose a delivery schedule that works for you.

Save Money

Save more on the products you love. After every 10 repeat orders will give you 8% off.

Pay As You Go Plan

This easy PAYGO plan will only charge you when you are ready for the next recurring order.

Zero fees. Easy Cancellation Process*

Not working for you? Don't worry, you can cancel your subscription after three orders by logging into your customer portal and cancelling the subscription.


*Customer must place a minimum of 3 orders before cancellation of subscripton.