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Nuts & Seeds

Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Cashew Nuts
Country/Region of Manufacture: India                         Buy Cashew Nuts Online UK Cashew Nut is a plant found originally in Brazil having salty, sweet and buttery taste. These nuts grow inside the...
Blanched Peanuts
Country/Region of Manufacture: India                          Start your day with a handful of healthy nuts on your cereals or add the creamy nuts with their skin and shell removed to your...
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA   Buy ALMONDS Nuts Online UK  Snacking on almonds may possibly be one of the healthy habits you can choose. Fortunately, the nutritious and versatile almond...
Plain Pistachio
Country/Region of Manufacture: Iran
Walnut Halves
Country/Region of Manufacture: India
Desiccated Coconut Powder
Country/Region of Manufacture: Sri Lanka                      Buy Coconut Powder Online UK Coconut powder, also known as coconut flour, is made from dried and pure ground coconut. Similar to other...
Cashewnut Splits
Country/Region of Manufacture: India
Salted Almonds
Country/Region of Manufacture: USA
Salted Pistachio
Country/Region of Manufacture: Iran
Pink Peanuts
Country/Region of Manufacture: India
Red Peanuts
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
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Buy Nuts and Seeds Online

Nuts are seed kernels having hard and inedible outer shell. For eating the kernels, it is necessary to release it from its hard outer shell. Nuts and seeds are popular food items which are tasty, healthy and convenient to include in all kinds of diets ranging from vegan to keto. Fortunately, anyone can buy wholesale nuts and seeds online in ready to eat form from various reputed online based stores.

Some of the most common consumed nuts and seeds worldwide are:

Almonds – Almond is a tree nut power-packed with beneficial nutrients. Eating a small handful of almonds on a daily basis provides carbohydrates, protein, calories, fat, fibre, vitamin E and Magnesium to the body.

Pistachios – A nut with high fibre content, Pistachios contain fat, proteins, vitamin E, magnesium, etc. Loaded with antioxidants, it is an excellent dry fruit item to include in your low-carb diet.

Walnuts – Walnut is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acid, alphalinolenic acid (ALA) and a very popular nut item. It is a nutrient-dense nut that helps in promoting heart and brain functioning of the body.

Cashew nuts – Belongs to tree nut family, cashew nuts are one of the most popular dry fruits widely used in raw and roasted form as a healthy snack item. It contains fibre, vitamin E, calcium, iron and many other nutrients.

Peanuts – Though belonging to legume family, peanuts are considered as powerful nut due to their characteristics resemblance with other tree nuts. Both red and pink peanuts are excellent source of fibre, monounsaturated fats, Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, etc.

Raisins, Hazel Nut, fennel, apricot, etc., are some other nuts and seed items quite popular amongst food lovers.

Versatile, Delicious and Easily Available

The nuts and seeds are multi-purpose food item popularly eaten in raw, salted and in roasted form. Interested people can easily buy nuts and seeds online in any form from reputed online UK based convenience stores. Some countries like India extensively used few nuts and seeds like almonds and cashew nuts as a topping on several Indian sweet dishes and milk shakes. On the other hand, cashew nuts are also used in increasing the aromatic taste of several Indian cuisines due to its buttery and rich flavour. Some other popular uses of nuts and seeds are:

  • Enjoy them as a whole or as nut butters
  • Chopped up the nuts and seeds and sprinkle on a variety of food items
  • Because they are energy dense, therefore used in a number of granola bars and cookies
  • Nut like almonds are pureed, mixed with water and strained to remove the solid portion. This makes it ideal for producing non-daily milk substitute products.
  • They act as healthy and vegan alternative to cream sauce and used for seasoning purposes.
  • Get unbeatable flavour by blending nuts and seeds with vinegar and oil and used them as rich and thick salad dressing.
  • The grounded form of nut i.e. nut flours have wide usage in breading, baked goods, thickening stews and soups.

Moreover, if a person is including these nuts and seeds in his daily diet, incorporate them in a small quantity. It is because they are high on fat content; therefore use them as a substitute for saturated fats, which are normally found in dairy products, eggs and meat.  Another important point to notice is for getting the maximum health benefits of powerful nuts, try to eat them in a raw or toasted form.

Ideal Way to Store Nuts and Seeds

The best way to use the nuts and seeds for a long duration is refrigerate them.  Refrigeration helps in preserving their nutritional content and flavour. Try to pack the nuts and seeds in air-tight containers in a cool and dry place, far away from the reach of sunlight. Even freezer bags work wonder for storage purposes.

Buy Nuts & Seeds Online at Wholesale Prices

A Kilo of Spices is a reputed UK based online convenience store dealing in a variety of nuts and seeds. Walnuts, cashew nuts, blanched peanuts, almonds, plain pistachio, salted almonds, red and pink peanuts, etc., are few varieties in which we extensively deal. We supply premium quality of nuts and seeds in various packing like 200 gram, 500 gram, 1 KG, etc. So, simply select the option, quantity and place your order for nuts and seeds online.