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Redskin Peanuts

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Country/Region of Manufacture: China Allergy...
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Country/Region of Manufacture: China

Allergy Advice: This product is processed on machinery and in a plant that also processes wheat, Peanuts, Treenuts, Sesame seeds, Soya & Mustard.

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Also known as groundnuts, peanuts are not actually nuts. They belong to the legume family and grow underground. The versatile legume is a nutrient rich food that provides array of health benefits when eaten in moderation. It is considered as a healthy snack and easy to add in our daily diet in different ways. So, if you want to buy redskin peanuts online, look no further than Akospices.

Different Ways to Use Redskin Peanuts

Some of the popular ways of adding redskin peanuts in our daily diet are:

  1. Making Peanut Butter: The homemade peanut butter tastes amazing and free from preservatives and chemicals. So, why to buy peanut butter from stores when you can make it easily at home? Simply roast fresh peanuts and toss them in a food processor.åÊ Keep tossing till it becomes the fine paste. Add little honey and salt as per your taste preference.
  2. Peanut Salad: Satisfy your hunger pangs by making a healthy and nutritious peanut salad. Soak a handful of raw peanuts for 6-8 hours and drain them. Once sprouts are formed, mix them with green mung sprouts, grated carrot and chopped tomatoes. Season it with your favorite sauce, salt and lemon juice. For this, you can buy redskin peanuts online in various quantities from our online store.
  3. Homemade Granola- If you prefer eating homemade granola, simply roast a handful of peanuts with oats and add them in yogurt.åÊ This will make a healthy and nutritious breakfast in less than 15 minutes.
  4. Peanut & Tomato Chutney: Relish the taste of hot rice with peanut and tomato chutney. For this, you only need tomatoes, green chilies, fresh curry leaves and a cup of peanuts.

Like this, there are uncountable uses of peanuts. If you want to buy redskin peanuts online in small and large quantities, Akospices can be your most trusted online platform.

Whether you are looking for redskin peanuts or for aromatic spices, our leading platform can precisely meet your requirements within your budget.