• Mar 31, 2020
  • by Ahmed Chaudhry

Adding Ceylon cinnamon powder in any recipe brings a depth of flavour and sophistication without dominating its original flavour. The Ceylon cinnamon is a “wonder herb” used both in sweet and savoury dishes for making them flavourful as well as healthy. It is not wrong to label them as omnipresence as it is found in every kitchen be it Indian or American.  Some people use the magical spice to make the food tasty, while some are huge fan of its therapeutic properties.  But have you ever thought where it comes from?

Origin of Cinnamon

The cinnamon comes from the bark of tropical and evergreen trees belonging to the genus Cinnamomum. Those unaware, farmers primarily clean the outer bark followed by shaving off the inner bark i.e. cinnamon layer. After this, the cinnamon obtained from the inner bark is dried and naturally curls up into quills. These quills are either crushed into a powdered form or available in sticks. Indonesia is the major producer of two kinds of Ceylon- Cassia and Ceylon followed by European countries.

It is interesting to note that majority of grocery stores deal in Cassia Ceylon as it is easily available and reasonably priced. However, Ceylon cinnamon makes a wonderful addition to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. The former contains coumarin but Ceylon contains far less quantity than Cassia version. Many people think that Ceylon cinnamon as “true cinnamon”, but no study has concluded it yet. Our product is pure and authentic Buy Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Online UK is not an uphill task provided that customers purchase from a legitimate and well-reputed grocery store.

Different Uses of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

You might think purchasing Ceylon cinnamon stick instead of powdered version as the latter deteriorates faster but the fact is the cinnamon powder is easy to use in several dishes. The Ceylon cinnamon powder has a subtle taste and blends all other herbs and spices in a sensational manner. Some of the easiest ways to use the Ceylon cinnamon powder are:

  • Marinate pork chops, steaks and other meat in cinnamon powder to add a unique flavour.
  • Add the powder in stews and soups to give them a healthier twist.
  • Make smoothies and shakes energy as well as a healthy drink by sprinkling little cinnamon powder.
  • Prepare fruit salad of apple, watermelon and oranges and add some flair with the magical powder.

Across the globe, Ceylon cinnamon powder is used as a primary spice in the preparation of savoury dishes. The spice equally makes a great addition to baked items in Indian, North Africa and Middle Eastern cuisines. Cinnamon-roasted almonds, Cinnamon rolls and Cinnamon raisin bread pudding are some of the must-try dishes if you love using the spice in every meal. It is your decision whether to buy Ceylon cinnamon stick or buy the powder directly from the market. However, a fact worthwhile to disclose is making powder at home from the stick is a herculean task as it requires the finest grinding that may not possible with domestic electrical appliances. So, if you want to use the powder, it is advisable to buy Ceylon cinnamon powder online from any UK based legitimate grocery store. If you are still willing to purchase sticks, make sure to buy original Ceylon cinnamon sticks that have tan brown colour, paper-like thin textured bark and fragile.

Right Storage is Important

Like all spices, even Ceylon cinnamon powder loses its fragrance and colour with time. Thus, whether you buy powder in 200 grams or 500 grams, it is necessary to store it in air-tight bottles. Place the bottles either away from sunlight or in a refrigerator. Avoid storing the bottles near the stove or windows. The shelf life of pure and original Ceylon cinnamon is over 2 years. So, if you want to save yourself from placing repeated orders online, you can buy in bulk quantity and store them safely.  

Buy Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Online in the UK?


If you are buying the powder online, the first thing to do is look for a well-established grocery online store. Place the order after going through refund and exchange policies. Once you receive the order, check the packaging carefully. Check its expiry date and appearance. If you feel suspicious, either replace the order or ask for a refund.

So, use original and premium quality of Ceylon Cinnamon powder for enjoying flavourful soups, meats and baked dishes - it’s also what you’ll find in most grocers.