• Oct 31, 2019
  • by Neil C

With beauty enthusiasts and the age old tradition emphasizing on the use of a natural beauty care regime instead of wearing makeupevery day, the need for quality skin care products has become important. An increasing number of people are always looking for skin care products that are healthy, natural, and have multiple uses. Sandalwood Powder, or Chandan, has all the essential qualities needed for a naturally looking beautiful skin.

Derived originally from the sandalwood tree, this powder is the secret behind the beauty of many women. A magic potion that has passed from grandmother to daughter and granddaughter, Chandan has gained preferences over the decades. 

Pure sandalwood powder can do wonders and you can buy Pure sandalwood powder online UK. This magical skin care product has abundant uses and when mixed with rosewater or aloe vera, it nourishes normal skin. For dry skin type, use this powder with milk. Yoghurt, when mixed with oily skin, rejuvenates skin. Those with skin discolouration or pigmentation problem, mix a teaspoon of fresh tomato juice to the sandalwood powder. Remove immediately if you experience any kind of itching or burning sensation.

Below are outlined a few skin benefits of good quality Sandalwood Powder-

Remove Acne Scars:Severe acne and skin related problems often leave its ugly marks on skin, which stay long after the acne has disappeared. The medicinal properties of Chandan powder help to speed up the process of scar healing.

Reduce Skin Redness:Sandalwood powder is known for its exceptional skin soothing properties that helps to calm and soothe irritated skin and cool it. This also helps to reduce redness in skin, which may often cause itching as well. Make a thick paste of chandan powder and apply on the skin. Leave the pack on for half an hour forcooler and calmer result. 

Good for Open Pores:When you have open pores problems, avoid wearing layers of makeup and concealer to hide your skin problem. Use sandalwood powder religiously and you will seepositive results and clean pores from deep within, as well as reduced size of your pores. Use only pure sandalwood powder to make a pastewith rose water and apply it on your face.

Removes Tan:The rising issue of global warming and the blazing sun gives severe tanning to every 9 out of 10 individuals. Though a light tan adds a contouring effect and colour to your skin, high levels of tan looks really bad and regular exposure to the sun can cause permanent darkening. For anti-tanning, mix 1 tbsp of sandalwood powder with 1 tsp of sour curd and 1/2 tsp of honey and leave the pack for half an hour. This will surely help reduce tanning.

Natural Skin Scrub:Now you can dump your synthetic skin scrubbing product and own the power of Nature with sandalwood powder skin scrub. It gets you rid from dead skin cells, clogged pores, and pollutantsfrom your skin by creating a scrub using natural ingredients like sandalwood powder. Mix best quality chandanpowder and black chickpea powder in equal quantity with milk or rose water and apply the paste to your face. Give it a rest and then massage in soft circular motion for 5 minutes for best results.The result is flawlessly looking gorgeous skin.

Besides skin care treatment, Sandalwood powder has one most interesting benefit. It can be used to calm stressed nerves, providing some mental clarity and is also used as a memory booster, when used as a fragrant. If you want some good quality sandalwood powder, get it from Online UK stores like A Kilo Of Spices.

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