• Jul 30, 2020
  • by Abdullah Zafar

Those people who strictly follow gluten-free diet are fond of substituting almond flour with wheat flour in every recipe. Moreover, the nutty flavor and health benefits of almond flour are two factors compelling the health conscious people to substitute wheat flour with almond flour when and where possible. Almond flour is one ingredient commonly available in grocery stores. So, if you are planning to buy almond flour in the UK for making healthy, lip-smacking and gluten-free recipes, you can easily find it.

Before heading towards the substitution technique, let’s uncover the answer of simple question: is almond flour and meal same?

Almond Meal & Almond Flour: Does Any Difference Exist?

Almond flour comprises blanched almonds and is finely ground powder with no little dark bits of skin. On the other hand, almond meal is a coarsely ground and contains the skin still on the nuts. Though almond meal and flour are extensively used for preparing baked dishes, the latter one is more versatile. Many people use them interchangeably, but every time it is not possible due to difference in texture (almond flour has a finer texture). For instance, if you are making an airy cake or any other fluffy baked dish, experiment with almond flour due to its lighter texture. However, if you are making some heavier dish like tart crust and cookies, you can use almond meal as well. Remember to use and buy premium quality of flour online in the UK to get the desired taste and flavor.

Almond Flour to Wheat Flour: Conversion Ratios

If you are trying to replace traditional wheat flour with gluten-free flour like almond flour, it is important to get your conversion ratios rightly. The almond flour has more moisture than wheat flour and has average binding qualities. So, the best way to start with 1:1 i.e. using 1 cup almond flour in the place of wheat flour. Many recipes respond well with this direct and simple replacement. But, if you feel that your batter is getting wetter, keep adding more almond flour till the time you get the desired consistency and stiff batter. With baked dishes, you need to add more egg whites along with almond flour so that the baked product does not fall apart.

When you substitute almond flour with traditional flour, it is necessary to have patience. It is because the results are not easily visible as almond flour properties vary significantly from the traditional wheat flour. So, keep adding the almond flour in a little quantity to stiffen the batter. The happy news is once you are able to discover the ideal conversion ratio, you can note it down for the future use.  

Baking Tips of Almond Flour

  1. Do not cut the cake made from almond flour instantly. Hold your breath and allow it to cool. The cohesiveness and texture of baked goods made with almond flour improve upon cooling. So, leave the cake or muffins for one hour or two before eating or cutting them.
  2. While placing your cake inside the oven, lower the temperature by 25 degrees F as baked goods of almond flour brown more quickly than the wheat flour. Keep checking the top as well as sides of the cake at regular intervals so that it does not become too brown.
  3. Wheat flour recipes stick on the pan so use more butter or oil while greasing the pan.
  4. If you are adding milk, eggs or butter in almond flour, make sure that all these ingredients are not too cold otherwise clumps will form while preparing a batter.

Store Almond Flour in a Refrigerator

Like all whole-grain flours, almond flour contains high level of oil making it prone to oxidization. Thus, either buy almond flour online in the UK in small quantity, say 500 grams or if you are buying in bulk, store it in a refrigerator. You can even keep the flour in the freezer for 12 months. The same logic goes with almond meal. It also requires cooler environments. Pack the meal or flour in a well-sealed container so that no extra moisture or air gets into it.

If you are unable to make out whether the flour is good to use, smell it or taste it. The fresh flour has a nutty taste and aroma. Throw away the flour if you feel the taste is bitter or it has pungent smell.

So, keep these factors in the mind while preparing any traditional wheat flour baked dish with almond flour. For buying high quality almond flour online UK, look for a well-established grocery store.