• Feb 01, 2021
  • by Neil Chotai

It is possible to make any meal extraordinary by adding green and fresh dried herbs. Whether you pick them from your garden or buy it from the grocery store, the dried herbs make any simple dish flavoursome. For making a dish aromatic with dried herbs, it is necessary to have a crystal clear idea about which herb to use and in how much quantity? You can easily buy scores of dried leaves online from the UK based store or even can buy whole leaves and dried them at home.

Talking about the quantity, some dishes demand a pinch of herb whereas some required a handful of quantities to transfer their flavour. Now, let’s take a look at the 5 most common dried herbs you must keep handy in your kitchen and use them in the following dishes.

Mint Leaves: Mint is an extremely versatile dried herb that one can use both in sweet and savoury dishes. It is a lush green herb with an aromatic flavour and has a long shelf life if stored properly in airtight bags. In Mediterranean dishes, mint is often coupled with lamb and even in vegetable and fruit salads. Mint leaves are available in different varieties but spearmint is one of its most popular varieties used during cooking. It is often used for preparing soups, main course dishes, cocktails, chocolates and teas. Not to forget, simply add a handful of dried mint leaves on curries and relish its aromatic taste.

Dried Coriander Leaves: Do not forget to buy dried coriander leaves online in the UK while placing your groceries. In many countries, people call it Cilantro or even Chinese parsley. This dried herb is native to Southern Europe and has a pungent flavour. You can add the dried leaves of coriander in soups, stews, salads, curries, fish and chicken dishes to get the distinctive yet delectable flavour.

Basil Leaves: It is a popular herb with a sweet and mild flavour. Many professional chefs consider it as a royal herb as it is one herb that is easy to use with a variety of savoury dishes. Primarily used for aroma, both fresh and dried leaves of Basil herb hold a special place in Indian and International cuisines. The fresh leaves of basil help in adding fragrance to a dish whereas the dried leaves enhance its taste. You will find different kinds of basil leaves in the online marketplace like Sweet basil, Lemon basil, Thai or Holy basil. These leaves have different peculiarities and used in specific cuisines only.

Fenugreek Leaves: Also known as Kasoori methi, fenugreek dried leaves have excellent properties to elevate any dish instantly. In Indian cuisines, fenugreek leaves have a widespread usage and being popular for preparing dishes like methi aloo and butter chicken. Any simple dish like dal tastes divine after adding a spoonful of dried leaves of Fenugreek. If you want a flavour boost, simply add dried fenugreek leaves while kneading the dough for parathas and rotis. Make sure to buy freshly dried fenugreek leaves from the UK based online store to get the required flavour.

Parsley: If you are looking for herb for garnishing purposes, place your bet upon parsley. It is herb with dark green in colour and has stubby stems. The fresh or dried leaves of parsley usually sprinkled over any dish just a few minutes before serving to tempt the taste buds. In different cuisines, Italian and Curly parsley leaves are used for garnishing dishes like salads and soups. You can even try popular recipes like meat and vegetable soup, Parsley pesto and Parsley potatoes if you really like the subtle flavour of dried Parsley leaves.

Once you have shortlisted these five dried herbs to buy, the next important step is their right storage. You can buy any dried leaves from the UK based online grocery store in bulk and keep using them for more than a year, but the only condition is the right storage is necessary. Heat and light ruin the taste of any dried herb or spices. So, always keep the herbs away from the store and the sunlight. Prefer storing these herbs in an airtight container and open it as and when required. If possible, store them in a container with flip lids. This eliminates the task of opening the bottle and you can easily sprinkle the leaves over any dish as per your usage. So, purchase dried leaves and storage containers together to keep these valuable herbs in the good condition for a long duration.