About Us

Who We Are

Family-owned and run in Leicester, UK, A Kilo Of Spices is an online convenience store established to offer a variety of everyday products through the most fantastic shopping experience and excellent customer service. The spices concept was inspired by our grandfather over 40 years ago, and today we continue to live by this legacy and philosophy in developing and propelling our business.

Our passion for providing the best shopping experience enables us to innovate and grow our business in today’s competitive market space. We are committed to our values, vision, and promise in creating a marketplace that caters to all of your needs by making your most sought-after items available in one place.

Since opening our door for business, A Kilo Of Spices has been dedicated to making your daily needs available, accessible, & affordable at fantastic prices. We work hard daily to build our reputation as the best marketplace for quality, on-demand, and valuable items at low prices. We understand that you want value for your money and we believe that you deserve quality for every penny you spend at our store.

Our Products

At A Kilo Of Spices, we are committed to quality and satisfaction as we put in the work to find and handpick premium products from around the globe. With over 1600 available products ranging from household supplies, beauty products, groceries, health, food, cleaning products, and much more for your comfort and convenience, we focus on enriching lives and enhancing shopping worldwide by bringing families everyday values packed on site in the UK.

Whether you’re looking for everyday products or something special that contributes to a more easy, sustainable, and efficient lifestyle, we are in business to provide quality, variety and impressive product line that always evoke relief and satisfaction for our customers. We pride ourselves on creating a store where customers feel relaxed and confident in finding great products without the quality being compromised.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify shopping by creating an innovative and user-friendly marketplace that hold very high standards when it comes to product selection and customer relationships. We aim to foster a lasting relationship through a strong emphasis on trust, attention to detail and reliable products delivery.

Our Vision

We seek to become brand that is widely recognised and trusted across the UK and beyond. We envision an environment that is thoughtfully designed, supportive, and friendly for our customers to enjoy unique value, superior and the best customer experience possible.

Our Values

We work earnestly maintaining a standard of integrity, authenticity, respect, and exceptional care to consumers while we strive never to lose sight of our core values – uncompromising product quality.

Customer Service

Here at A Kilo Of Spices, customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business. We believe a superb customer experience begins from the moment you land on our store so; we take great care to channel our attention at creating the highest level of flexibility that is unmatched anywhere. We always want to leave you stunned and happy to come back for more!