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Activated charcoal is a kind of fine black powder made from different substances like coconut shells, bone char, petroleum coke, peat, olive pits and coal. This charcoal is processed to make it more porous and usable for different purposes. This black odorless powder is widely used to remove toxins from the body and therefore it has extensive medical uses. In the last few years, activated charcoal is popularly used as an important ingredient in beauty and skin care products. So, buy activated charcoal online from our leading online store if you want a quality product at affordable rates.

Activated Charcoal: An Important Ingredient in Personal Care Products

The companies are using the best quality of activated charcoal right from lotions, soaps, cleansers, toothpaste and oils. It is one of the most popular ingredients for a facial mask. Several skin issues are easy to address by using high-quality activated charcoal and applying its face mask. For instance, activated charcoal draws dirt and impurities from the skin and therefore helps in removing impurities and bringing a natural glow to the face. Similarly, applying an activated charcoal mask is a sure-fire recipe for giving a healthy glow to the skin as it removes dead skin cells and even absorbs excess oil.

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We strongly believe to offer the best quality of products to our customers at the best rates. It is because we aim at forming a long-term relationship with them by offering value-for-money products and services. We have been selling the ideal powder size activated carbon, which is ideal to use both for internal and topical use. Neither too grainy and nor too rough, you can either prepare the activated carbonated drink or add it in face masks as per your lifestyle and preferences.

You can buy activated charcoal online from our online grocery store in various quantities such as 100 grams, 250 grams and so on and get it home delivered within a few working days. So, simply select the right quantity and mode of payment and place your order today!åÊ

åÊAllergy Advice:åÊThis product may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, lupin, sesame seeds, soybeans, mustard,åÊcereals containing gluten,åÊsulphur dioxide and sulphites.