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Country/Region of Manufacture:åÊIndia Buy Bhringraj...

Country/Region of Manufacture:åÊIndia

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Bhringraj is one of the species of plant that belongs to the Sunflower family. The plant has cylindrical and greyish roots with florets of white color. Its English name is False Daisy whereas its scientific name is Eclipta Alba. It is an ayurvedic herb with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. Being labeled as the ‰ÛÏKing of the Hair‰۝, it is available in the marketplace in various forms such as oil, juice, or powder. You can rely on the quality of Akospices if you want to buy Bhringraj Powder online.

Akospices is one of the leading suppliers of Ayurvedic products in the UK dealing with high-quality Ayurvedic herbs and selling them at competitive rates. To offer the best quality products to end customers, we source the powder from reputed manufacturers that process the premium grade of Bhringraj herbs under the most favourable condition ensuring its purity. You can buy Bhringraj powder online from our online platform in various quantities such as 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams and so on.

Use Bhringraj Powder for Getting Lustrous Hair

The powder has extensive uses for treating scores of hair issues right from hair thinning, promoting hair growth to treating dandruff. Some of the ways to use bhringraj powder for improving your hair health are as follows:

  1. Make a mixture of yogurt and bhringraj powder in a bowl and mix it well. If you have dry hair, you can even add olive oil to retain its moisture. Apply this mask onto your hair and scalp for half an hour and then wash it with tap water. This will make your hair shiny and even increase its volume.


  1. The other way is mixing Bhringraj powder and Hibiscus powder in a bowl and adding some quantity of coconut milk for making a thick paste. Apply this paste over your hair and scalp and then wash it after 30 minutes. This will moisturize your hair and make them lustrous.

There are many other uses of bhringraj powder. So, if you want to buy pure Bhringraj powder online with no preservatives added, you can bank upon Akospices. Simply select the desired quantity and place your order online. We will deliver it to your doorsteps in a few working days only.åÊ

Allergy Advice:åÊThis product may contain peanuts, tree nuts, milk, lupin, sesame seeds, soybeans, mustard,åÊcereals containing gluten,åÊsulphur dioxide and sulphites.